FRP cowling and fairing manufacture since 1972 to support the racing scenes at Suzuka.
Our craftsmen are utilizing both analog and digital manufacturing technology that have been manufactured around both two-wheel and four-wheel racing machines to improve production speed and cost performance, which is impossible to reach with automation!

We deliver "Made In Japan" with confidence with experience of various genres beyond the race world.

Characteristics of Palyester Products

In All Japan Road Race Championship

Genuine Palyester Moulding products are used in some of the teams in the All Japan Road Race Championship.
Within the limited cowling, faring regulation of "JSB1000" in which the silhouette is not greatly changeable, we are using various small techniques and ideas to support the teams from the aerodynamics side.
Also, in the racing world fighting for the mili-seconds, the time to change the setting in the pits are also important. To improve workability to the machine, we can change the numbers of divisions in the cowls which is a big strength of Palyester Molding's original product.

※KYB MORIWAKI MOTUL RACING #23 Ryuichi Kiyonari Machine Support(2018)



The delicate lines and textures produced from "human hands" can only be done by craftsmen who have experienced countless tailormade experiences...

Although it is a shadow factory which scarcely appears on the stages, the real technology and intuition are appointed in various fields such as Palyester's technology being active all over the world.

The technology of Palyester is active all over the world regardless of domestic and overseas.